Luna: The lost Mermaid

by Fariba Bashiri
It was May 23rd and Luna woke up excitedly at six in the morning. She saw the same dream she had been seeing for years. She saw that she was a beautiful mermaid, could swim fast in the oceans and could talk to sea creatures. It was her 16th birthday. She was so happy as her mother had promised her something big that day. She immediately got up from her comfortable bed and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Her bedroom had a mermaid theme. She had a big poster of the little mermaid and had multiple mermaid dolls. Her bedroom’s walls were painted light blue like the color of the ocean. Everyone could easily tell that she had a great obsession with mermaids. She also had an aquarium in her room and she used to call fishes her best friends. Luna talked to fishes all day and night. She always dreamed of becoming a mermaid one day.

Luna prepared herself for the shower. Due to some medical illness, she was advised not to soak her legs completely in the water for more than 1 minute. If she stayed in the water for more than one minute, then she could feel the nerves of her legs stretching and could also feel the blood rushing in them. After showering and drying herself completely she started getting ready. She chose her favorite shirt from the closet that said, “Mermaid OFF Duty” and started doing her makeup. Her makeup brushes had pictures of mermaids on them. She also had fish shaped blush and contour brushes. She brushed her long black hair and looked in the mirror one last time before going downstairs. Luna was the most glamorous girl in town as she had blue-gray eyes. Her eyes changed color in different lights. Her lips were baby pink, and she had the brightest smile.

After getting ready, she went to her mother’s bedroom and knocked on the door. Her mother ordered her to come in the room. Luna was the only child. Her dad was a captain of the ship. He had to go on long voyages. He would return after months but this time it had been 2 years. She was so worried about him and missed him every day. She lived with her mother in a small apartment. She did not really have a luxurious life. Luna entered the room and her eyes widened as she screamed with joy. She saw that prettiest black mermaid dress which she wanted to buy for her prom. Her mother bought it for her by saving money for five months. Her mother said in a soft tone, “I want my daughter to be the most beautiful girl at the party!” She hugged and smooched her mother and said, “I have the best mother in the world and I know she will do everything for me to make me happy” then she thanked her for the gift. Her mother urged her to eat her breakfast quickly, so she could drop her off at school.

During the drive to school, Luna asked permission from her mother to go to a pool party that was going to be held at her best friend’s home. Her mother did not allow her and asked her not to discuss it again. Her mother then reminded her that her father had not returned home for 2 years. She was already in so much stress because of her missing father. She said she hated pools and the ocean for this reason. She did not want her daughter to like them either. Luna got sad and did not talk to her mother as she had never allowed her to go to pool parties. When they reached the school, Luna kissed her mom and said she would come back home late. Her friends were waiting in the main hall with a birthday cake. They convinced her that she should not miss the pool party as it would be quite fun. Luna promised her friends that she would convince her mother.

Luna went back home, and her mother had arranged a small birthday party for her. She enjoyed the party and asked her mother again. Her mother looked at her beautiful daughter and could not say no, so she gave her permission only on one condition. The condition was that she would not go near the pool or try to swim. Luna promised her she would not.Next day she woke up with a happy face and got ready to work out first. It was her routine to do yoga and Pilates with her favorite resistance mermaid band every morning. She wore her favorite bracelet and put her portable hand warmer in her bag. She needed to keep her hands warm all the time as her body temperature used to drop randomly. Then, she kissed her mother and got out of the house. She was walking happily towards her best friend’s house.

Luna went to the party quite happily and met her friends. They were shocked that she made it. There were few girls that never liked Luna because of her immense beauty. She was looking quite pretty that day and one of the girls out of jealousy pushed her into the pool. Luna did not know how to swim and was afraid that she could die. She was struggling to get out of the water and no one was helping her. Suddenly the fins started to appear on her lower body and then beautiful fish tail appeared. Within 2 minutes she became a beautiful mermaid. Everybody got shocked how could an ordinary girl could turn into a mermaid, and she was in a complete shock too. The guests gathered around to see the beautiful transformation of Luna into a mermaid. She swam for a minute and then got out easily and ran towards her home. A lot of girls started following her as they also wanted to know how they can become a mermaid.

Luna was crying with happiness and could not believe what had happened to her. She entered the house and rushed towards her mother’s room. She was reading a book and got worried when she saw Luna’s tears. But then she saw she was happily crying so her anxiousness faded away. Luna told her mother what happened at the party. She wanted to know if her mother knew what was happening to her. Her mother was not ready at that time as she wanted to keep it a secret until she turned 18. Her mother had to tell her everything. She told her daughter that her dad was a merman and the king of the ocean. She mentioned to her that she had met him during the voyage, how they had fallen in love with each other. Then she told her that some evil mermen had taken over the sea and had planned to take her father's position. They even threatened him that they would steal his crown and possessions if his daughter and wife stayed in the sea. Her father loved them both and thus he did not want anyone to harm them. So, he told her mother that he would not come home until all the evil mermen were transferred to the distant ocean and had advised her mother not to come near the sea until Luna becomes a powerful mermaid.

Luna finally became happy that her father was still alive, and she was a mermaid and a princess. Her mother looked outside the window and saw a group of girls standing at her front door. She explained to her that she could not live here as everyone had known the truth. She took her towards the sea and threw an aquamarine gem in the sea. An old yet handsome merman came from the sea and looked at Luna. It was her father. She became so happy to meet him. They all sat under a coconut tree. She said she would love to become a princess of the sea. Her father told her that it was not that easy, but she could learn in some time. He asked Luna to come with him.

She always wanted to become a mermaid and her dream came true. She hugged her mother and promised her that she would come back soon. Her father called his sister. She looked at her and was amazed by her beauty. Her aunt told her that to grow into a princess she needed to become the prettiest mermaid in the sea. Luna loved the sea life as it was the place where she belonged. Her aunt taught her how to comb her hair with a dead fish skeleton and how to keep her skin fresh with the sea salt. She also taught her niece how to make her lips red with red leafy plants. Her father also instructed her how to become strong and to protect herself from evil sea creatures. Luna learned everything easily.

Everyone in the sea loved her, and she instantly became everyone’s favorite like her father. She kept using her mermaid brushes with waterproof makeup to look gorgeous in the ocean. She became a princess and was so happy. Luna still exercised with her mermaid resistance bands and wore her favorite mermaid bracelets. She missed her mother and often went to the land to visit her. She also wanted to live with her mother and thought of ways that could make her a mermaid too. She asked her dearest father, and he replied to her in a funny way, “Oh my little darling! if it were possible, I would have made Taj Mahal for her in the sea.” She was disappointed. She started asking every sea creature in the sea. She went to an old lobster’s house and asked him any way that could change her mother into a mermaid, and he said, “Ha-ha! If that could happen then I would be able to fly too”. Luna still did not give up, she kept asking everyone. One of the fishes said that she knew someone that could help her. She told her the address of an old octopus.

The old octopus was called lunatic by all the sea creatures. Everybody made fun of her too, but she still went to meet him. Luna asked him if he could turn her mother into a mermaid. He said that he would give her the magic potion that could turn her mother into a mermaid. And he also said that he had two conditions. She told him that she was ready for all the conditions. He told her not to mention anyone about the magic potion and to bring delicious food for him every day. Luna became happy and agreed to the conditions. The old octopus gave her the magic potion and asked her to give it to her on a full moon.

On the full moon night, Luna took the magical portion and gave it to her mother to drink. Her mother asked her what it was. She told her that she would know in a few moments. Her mother drank all of it. She then asked her mother to come with her to the sea. When they reached there, she pleaded her to swim. Her mother explained to her that she did not know how to swim. Luna told her that she would save her if she was not able to swim. Her mother trusted her, so she jumped into the sea water. Her legs started shaking, and she instantly became a mermaid too. Luna screamed with joy. Her mother could not believe how it happened. They both swam in the sea. Luna took her mother to her father’s castle to surprise him.

They reached his castle and went inside to meet him. Her father was eating food. When he saw his wife, he was so shocked that he dropped his food. He could not believe his eyes. He asked Luna how she did it. She told him that she was not allowed to tell anyone about it. Luna and her mother loved living in the sea. She loved every sea creature and helped them in the time of need. She used to take the precious gifts and secret goods for her human friends and made them happy too. She was the prettiest and kindest princess. Her family was also happy, and they all lived happily ever after.
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