About Us

While True Mermaid Secrets is less than one year old, we’re celebrating millennia-old beauty and inspiration. True Mermaid Secrets is for mermaid-lovers of all ages, whether you’re 5 or 75. You’re never too young (or too old) to look and feel like a mer-princess.


We’re not your ordinary company. True Mermaid Secrets was created by mermaid-lovers, for mermaid-lovers, giving you everything you need to live the life you love. A quick browse around our website will take your breath away, introducing you to a magnificent range of dreamy mermaid products. There’s a beautiful goodie for every kind of mermaid at True Mermaid Secrets.


We’ve got everything a mer-girl could ever want. T-shirts. Make-up brushes. Face and nail glitter. Jewelry. Exercise bands. Handwarmers. If you can dream it, we can deliver it. In fact, we support mer-people with gender-free love, which is why we’ll be adding magical men’s mer-products to our range soon too.


True Mermaid Secrets has a vision - a vision of helping you live your dream. The fast pace of modern-day life is draining and uninspiring. The pure, innocent, and unadulterated beauty of a mermaid is endlessly inspiring, helping you stay relaxed and positive throughout life’s daily trials and tribulations.


We deliver beautiful products to beautiful women who are unashamed to unleash their inner-sea-creature. This is your chance to feel as free and elegant as the mythical mermaids that rule the seven seas with their beautiful tales and their long, flowing hair in the sun.


To fuel your True Mermaid Secrets experience even further, we’ll be providing ongoing, regular updates on exclusively mermaid fashion and beauty. Come - swim with us. Not down the rabbit hole, but into the ocean and beyond. There’s a treasure trove bursting with secrets to be discovered. Are you ready to swim with us?


Without glitter, sparkles, color, or pearls, everything feels meaningless. Life was made for living, and at True Mermaid Secrets, we give mer-girls the stunning accessories and clothes they need to unleash their inner-mermaid, begging to be set free. Inhale, exhale, and come exploring with us.




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